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It is time to accomplishing your goals.

Now it is time to change ourself.

Wikidreamer ia an advisory ,Guidance,Video Interview & Social Media based portal.This is a first portal in which you can give your video interview / audition can or can see interview/audition videos . These interviews taken and sent/connected through different organisation..


Advisory System

Wikidreamer advisory system is a kind of system in which any user will connect with any kinds of advisors in world like Doctor , Sports Persons , Dancers & all (based on your requirements).You will consult with them after paying some charges.User can also register with us as a advisors . If any one consult with you then you get payments , you can set your payment by its own. It will work like a search engine in which anyone can search any advisor & watch video for consult,connect,hire etc.

Vedio Interview

Wikidreamer build a system in which we take offline/online authenticated interview/audition of different users who wants to be a Doctor, Engineer , Dancer ,Singer , Cricketer , etc. This short video forwarded to different related organization & people is a kind of portal where employers can search person's/talent/advisors for jobs area/city/state/country wise. They can easily hire them after watching video and his performance


INDIA'S DREAM PROGRAMME". On the behalf of this national level programme, we identify and recognize students dreams,intellect and academic talent.Our mission is to inspire individual dream and prepare for global competitiveness by insuring excellence.Our portal had design in a way to provide full support for dreamers. We cast a video interview of audition round and uploaded at wikidreamer portal (user profile), where any one can search this talent. We introduce this video with different organization working on same field .

What is Wikidreamer.?

Why we choose wikidreamer ? As a Dreamer ?

  • We show your talent to the world.
  • We guide you to achive better result.
  • You will connect with other people having same dream.
  • You will contact with any advisor in the world.
  • We send your video interview/audition to other organization/institute/community having same field
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    "After joining wikidreamer i learn a dream becomes a goal when action is taken towards its achievement"

    Receive support 24/7

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    "I am a teacher as well as advisor in simply i will explain about wikidreamer if you can dream it you can do it''

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    "I think now the time to change . I salute wikidreamer for ongoing commitment to create a better and stronger India."


In order to seed and experience the joy of innovation.It accomplish your goals & Shifts you from dreamer to wikidreamer (achiever) As psychotherapist, professionally and personally. So you too can begin your journey of accomplishing your goals and making your dreams become a reality.

Wikidreamer advised you on daily basis what you have to do on that day according to your dreams .It provides you a full tracking report of your performance with encouragement, support, and belief in them goes a long way for your child’s current and future accomplishment of goals

Virtual Guardianship has following parts :- Training,Counselling,Online Learning Support,Audition,Placement + Interview,Advisory Support,Medical Support,Admission,Status Report,Physiotherapist Support.


Learning with Global Opportunities


Teachers/Advisors Support

Virtual Guardianship Includes Experienced Teachers Support / Medical Support / Physiotherapist Support / Instructor / Counsellor and others which is required for particular dream .


8,000 Dreams Advisory

We have 12 dreams category / 8,000 dreams / 12,000 courses & different experienced advisors for different dreams.

Start: 10 Nov 2014


Institute & other activities club

We Organised and focused on different dreams activities/programmes national & international based which is beneficial for dreamer to grow more and more.


Students Opportunity

We had tie-ups with different Organisation / Institutions / Clubs and others N.G.O groups to provide a chance of different level of dreamers in different fields.

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Services For Different Users.


  • Innovative social media( connect to friends)
  • Give your video Interview(Online / Offline)
  • Take advise from any personallity.
  • Search Advisors
  • Virtual guardianship for your dream.
  • Learn Anything
  • Earn from part-time/full-time work.
  • Increase Popularity


  • Connect to user through social media.
  • Earn to give advise
  • Take advise from different users.
  • Create Groups.
  • Increase Popularity.
  • Earn from part-time/full-time work.
  • Learn Anything
  • Create Business

Group Advisors

  • Connect to whole organisation.
  • Generate Group Reports.
  • Provide Tasks to users.
  • Generate Advertisements.
  • Organisation Ranking.
  • Generate User Report.
  • Increase Popularity.
  • Create Business.

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